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When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I  would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,  'I used everything you gave me.'         
Erma Bombeck

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Melissa's journey to creativity began when she was a small child in the fifties. Her grandfather was a talented amateur cartoonist; her aunt a renowned pastel portrait artist. Her father was a dedicated and inventive color scientist who won the US National Inventor of the Year award in 1979.

Her mother was a 'teacher of teachers' who knew when to guide creativity and when to let it blossom---and whose passionate love of life was centered in nature. Among other things, she was a 'rockhound' who loved to discover natural gems and took a rock pick on every expedition!


In this environment, Melissa began with drawing, progressed to painting, found an early love of photography, and majored in Studio Art and English at Mount Holyoke College. 

After graduation, Melissa continued photographing and painting for fun, but financial responsibilities led creativity to be expressed in more practical ways---    

       -designing the American Freedom Train, part of the American national 
                Bicentennial celebration;     
       -working in marketing with advertising agencies to develop innovative
                 consumer products and marketing plans for Richardson-Vicks; 
       -designing, structuring and fielding test market plans for new products
                  with Burke Marketing Research International. 
       - see her colorful 'resume' here


More recently, Melissa has spent 26 years as a spiritually-based psychotherapist and life coach, working with clients to enhance life opportunities (find the bold and colorful!) and develop creative solutions to life challenges. Her clients describe her work with them as " Inspiring~  Intuitive~  Warm~ Passionate~  Supportive~  Challenging~  High Integrity~  Spiritual~  Joyful~  Outrageous" 

Melissa has studied at the Silvermine Guild School of Art, the Creative Arts Workshop and the Glass Source, among others. Her passion and creative focus is Mother Nature--landscapes, humanscapes, natural materials, including semi-precious gemstones. And she gathers these images and visions while in nature:

-she hikes, kayaks, and travels the US and the world, with camera in hand;   -paints in oil and pastel wherever she goes, most recently in Frascati, Italy;  -and designs and creates jewelry made from the earth's precious riches.

Most recently, she has spent ten years designing and building a Boothbay, Maine vacation rental and retreat center: Bold Colorful Life Estate and Retreat Center.

She lives her life as a natural adventure, reveling in Mother Nature's gifts.  And she invites you to take part in this adventure, by wandering this website, looking for those bold, colorful items that will jazz up your life and enhance your surroundings. Read her Creative Mission here.

"Risk is essential.  
There is not growth of inspiration in staying within 
what is safe and comfortable.  
Once you find out what you do best, why not try something else?"

                                                                                    Alex Noble



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